Ever since I got into modular, I’m always looking for new and fun ways to improve my system. We all know it’s a never-ending quest to finish a modular system, but the journey and outcome bring so much joy it’s well worth the time and effort . Manufacturers seems to prefer Superbooth for launching modules (I had the pleasure to be there 3 times in a row), it’s still nice to see new modules being launched at namm.


Yes! 16 complex oscillators in one module? It sounds good, looks good, and has plenty of modulation options and in stereo too in 16hp. Lots of good stuff to be explored on this one and I think this module will make it’s way into a lot of systems. More on this module here on the 4MS website.

Empress Zoia Euroburo

This is interesting. The Empress Zoia is a… well it can be anything you like and it certainly a modular environment in itself. Now Empress thought to put that modular into a modular format and expanded the box with cv ins and outs, tweaked here and there and voila! The list of tricks this box can do is soo impressive! Also this eurorack module form factor looks more intuitive and user friendly than the previous stompbox. Such good news.

Qu-bit electronix

And here are the modules from Qu-bit we get to test at Superbooth 2020 in Berlin, hopefully.
  • Aurora– Spectral Reverb With True Stereo IO
  • Data Bender – circuit bent digital audio buffer
  • Surface – physical modeling voice
  • Cascade – ratcheting envelope generator